A Picture is Worth 1000 Words... What Do Yours Say?

Is your business profile outdated and simple? Customize a portrait session around your business, product, or service that best represents your brand’s personality. Set yourself apart from your competition and look like you stepped right of the pages of a Fortune 500 magazine with a Personal Branding Portrait Session. 

Jill Fleming allows her clients to see the best of themselves in photographs. Her gift is capturing the essence of who you are and allowing it to come to life in an image! This allows you to easily attract your ideal clients and increase your income by working with the clients you want to work with.    

These days brands need more than just a headshot. You need to set yourself apart from your competition and stand out in your industry. Jill Fleming captures the unique personality of your brand by making you the force behind it with images that highlight your business, product or service.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, personal trainer, corporate executive, coach or published or aspiring author. We’ll create stunning portraits that will help get you noticed!

Jill Fleming Photography prides itself on providing clients with polished, creative, and professional images that attract their ideal clients. Headshots and portraits are done at an area location of your choice. Group and corporate headshot sessions and Basic Headshot Sessions are also available; please reach out for group or personal branding package options.


For entrepreneurs seeking creative and natural looking photography for their marketing campaigns or Instagram feeds, Jill offers creative branding photography with some editorial styling. Sessions can be done at your place of business or another location to provide you with a large amount of professionally composed, lit and edited imagery. This could include shots of you working, interacting with clients, or lifestyle / street style candid photography. These sessions last anywhere between 1-3 hours depending on what is needed, and require some planning and collaboration. Pricing depends on the scope and Jill can recommend professional stylists, hair & makeup if need be. Reach out to plan your ideal session.

Personal Branding Portrait Package

•Customized visual branding planning session

•Multiple clothing changes

•A portfolio of re-touched high-resolution photos. (Exact # of final images depends on the package you purchase)

•Reveal session to choose your favorite images for retouching

The Ultimate Branding Portrait Package

•This package INCLUDES professional wardrobe styling and hair and makeup!!

•Custom visual branding planning session

•Up to 3 locations to create a variety of looks

•A portfolio of re-touched high-resolution photos.

•Reveal session to choose your favorite images for retouching

Customized Package

Is this not quite what you are looking for? Contact me to set up a consultation for your business so we can create the perfect photography package for you.

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