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Germaine M. | Best-Selling Author | Philanthropist | Entrepreneur | Speaker | Investor | Film/TV Producer | Global Connector | Actor

"I love Jill Fleming! And I don't throw those words around lightly. She is one of my favorite people! Not only is she an amazing photographer, she's also become an inspiration and a great friend. We did a shoot and it was spectacular. Her ideas were innovative, her expertise was precise and her work..., simply flawless. I highly recommend her genius as a photographer. I look forward to working with Jill on future projects across America and around the world. She is an asset to have on your team and in your life."

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Lisa M. | Speaker | Author | Coach

"Working with Jill was an amazing experience! She came to my home & captured the "real me," taking my head shots with nature in the background. I was struggling to get just the right images for my web-site and Linkedin profile. Two sessions with other photographers were a waste of time & money. Jill got it right the first time and for a reasonable fee. HIGHLY recommend!!!! 

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Lynn Scheurell |

“You totally captured my essence using natural light in an ‘on the move’ photo shoot! We found a variety of spontaneous backgrounds that, with your art direction and guidance, made the most of, well, me as the subject. Your obvious expertise gave me the confidence to relax into just being myself. Part of your genius is clearly working with whatever shows up in the moment which brought out the magic even more. I am thrilled with your artistry… and then your technical mastery just topped it all off – Wow! Thank you, thank you… and to whoever is reading this, give yourself the gift of working with Jill to see yourself through her lens.”

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Dodi Osburn | VP Preferred Escrow Services

"We hired Jill to take all of our employees headshots for our website and pictures attached to every employee's email. She did and absolutely fantastic job. Over the years I have had a lot of headshots taken and also hired several photographers for events. Jill is by far the best photographer I have ever had an experience working with. She makes it fun, and captures your most amazing you. I highly recommend her for any type of photography event."

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Jill T. | Onboarding Concierge

"Jill is an incredible photographer! I love all of her work with how she captures such an essence with each subject she photographs. I recently hired Jill to take my professional headshot, and I am extremely happy with the results! The session was quick and easy, and took little effort on my part; the result was a ton of amazing pictures for me to pick and choose from. Jill provides a quality product for a great price; if you're looking for pictures that will literally take your breath away, hire Jill Fleming Photography!"

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Caleb R. | Cofounder at BizBuz/President at CR Painting

"Jill has provided me with great professional photography. I would highly recommend Jill as she has produced for me great results and I trust her as a person of high integrity."

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Desmund Adams, JD | Investor & Philanthropist

"Simply put, Jill Fleming has an eye for creative visual and passion for delivery. Jill captures the indescribable essence of moments for cataloguing memory. If a picture or simple photograph is what you are seeking she is not the one for you; if cataloguing a memory or creating moments in time is absolutely essential for your archive then there is none more prepared and steadfast for the task!"

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